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Email Marketing Services in Chandigarh

Have you ever tried to send multiple emails and noticed that they ended up watering down your message? If so, an email marketing software tool can be the answer to your prayers. It will help you create a professional-looking email, organise your campaigns, and keep track of what your subscribers are interested in.

What is Email Marketing?
Email marketing is a significant way of reaching out to the audience you want with the content they are most interested in. In order to get more people to your website, you need to have an email subscriber list. The trick is getting people on your list and then engaging them.

Benefits of Email Marketing

Marketing your business online is a great way to reach out to your potential customers in an efficient, cost-effective manner. The benefits of email marketing are many: it is effective, cost-efficient, and easy to track. It’s an excellent idea to keep sending new content so that your business doesn’t get complacent and forget to market themselves appropriately. Email marketing has a lot of benefits.The main benefit of Email Marketing is inexpensive and easy to set up. It can be done with a computer or a smartphone and allows for the same message to be sent to multiple recipients. Not only does email marketing allow you to reach more people, but it also allows you to stay in touch with your current customers on a regular basis. The reliability and efficiency of email marketing has earned it a reputation as being one of the most important ways to sell a product or service. In fact, studies have shown that, when it comes to email marketing, more than 60 percent of the purchases at least suggest they’ve seen and read an advertisement. It is also important to remember that email marketing is not just going out and buying everyone in your database. It is also a good idea to email the people who have already purchased from you in the past. It is important to send them marketing communications that will be of interest to them and not to anyone else. 

Email vs. Social Media

The types of marketing to a specific business is often a hot topic. A popular question that comes up is which type of marketing will work best? There are two main types of marketing; email and social media. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages, but at the end of the day it’s up to you to decide which one works best for your business.

How to Make an Email Campaign Successful

Email marketing is one of the best ways to reach your audience. Successful email campaigns are based on the fact that people respond well to personal messages and personalized content. Here are nine steps you can take to make an email campaign successful for your business: 

  1. Have a clear, understandable purpose (and goal). Your email campaign should have a clear, common-sense purpose for each piece of content you send to your audience. Avoid being vague or overly promotional in your message.
  2. Personalize your subject lines. Your subject line should tell readers what they will receive in the email and why it’s valuable to them. For example, if you send a newsletter every Friday offering a 20% discount, your subject line might be “20% off this week”. This type of detail makes your email more personalized. 
  3. Use email as your contact point. When your email lists grow, consider sending an email newsletter to new subscribers in addition to or instead of your weekly email blast . It’s a great way to connect with your audience and remind them about what’s happening in your business on the weekend.

 4 . Use email automation to schedule content. If you have a lot of different types of content, it’s a good idea to automate some of it using email marketing tools. Rockable uses their own email automation tool and sends an email blast to their subscribers every Friday morning with a rundown of what they’ll be up to the entire week.

  1. Use vCard fields in your email signature. This is a great way to get personal contact details in your email signature, along with links to your social media profiles and other relevant information. If you want to personalize your email signature to include these details, you can use the vCard fields in your email signature. You’ll find these on the Signature tab of your Settings page . 
  2. Find new ways to improve your email marketing by using heat maps and click-tracking tools. Heat maps are a great way to get a glimpse at how your emails are performing with users. You can also use other tracking tools to better understand the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns. 
  3. Set up a post-campaign report. A post-campaign analysis allows you to check the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns and see how users interact with your emails. You can achieve this by creating an email marketing report .
  4. Optimise your email content for mobile devices and make it more responsive. Mobile-friendly newsletters are great tools that can increase your email marketing campaign’s effectiveness and drive more conversions.
  5. Use mobile-friendly templates. This is a great way to ensure that your emails are more readable on mobile devices. For example, use different fonts and images in your emails.

3 Best Email marketing tools for small businesses

An email marketing tool is a great way to reach out to your audience (potential customers, partners, etc.)  and successfully grow your business. This post will go over 3 email marketing tools that are very affordable in price and easy to use. The first tool mentioned is MailChimp for WordPress, the second is ConvertKit, the third Google’s Gmail Marketing Platform, which was recently launched.


MailChimp was founded by Ben Chestnut in 2001 and is now the world’s largest email marketing platform. MailChimp helps businesses reach out to their customers with a single email that is personalized and relevant. The software has been called on to send over 3 billion messages annually, making it one of the most popular email marketing platforms around.

Why you should  use MailChimp for your email marketing?  It’s used by small businesses and large companies all around the globe, so there are plenty of resources for those who want to learn about this wonderful tool!


ConvertKit is a platform that helps you create and deliver engaging email follow-up sequences to your subscribers. It’s a two-part system: ConvertKit has the emails, and your email list has the ability to open them and click through on links. This platform provides an easy way to collect money from your customers while they are in the buying stage of their purchase cycle

ConvertKit is a great tool that helps you increase your sales. It’s a robust system, with great support and an active community. Not only can you use the system to grow your list, but it also has a landing page generator that helps you create free email optin forms, as well as a writing platform that lets you publish content for customers on your website

Gmail Marketing Platform

A Gmail marketing platform is a software that integrates emails with Google AdWords, YouTube and other services. The idea of using a Gmail marketing platform comes from the fact that if you have multiple email accounts, it can be helpful to use one for your business and personal emails because it will save time.

Gmail’s marketing platform was created to target specific groups of customers. This enables marketers to save time and money by leveraging the full email marketing capabilities of Gmail without leaving the inbox. Features include advanced segmentation, targeting, personalization and automation features that make it easy to market with Gmail.

In the past, email marketing has been a task that requires considerable effort due to the complexity of creating, deploying, and tracking campaigns. With Gmail Marketing Platform (GMP), marketers can get one step closer to automating their email campaigns with powerful tools such as automated campaigns and live chat.

4 Most Important Features to consider when choosing an email marketing tool

The email marketing tool you choose will depend on your business needs. Your options may include the following:

-Reliability and Support

-Delivery tracking software


-Tracking software


There are many email marketing tools that small business owners can use. Just because a company has a budget doesn’t mean they can’t send emails to their customers. It’s important to consider the size of your business when choosing the right email marketing tool for your needs, as well as how often you plan on sending emails and how many subscribers you want to reach.

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